Orange Ex-Services’ Club is committed to the provision of a safe and compliant environment for the benefit of its members, visitors’, employees and contractors.

The Club recognises the importance of security measures to mitigate the risk of physical or psychological hazards within each of its venues, and has a broad number of security measures in place to minimize risk and maximize our reputation as a safe and professionally managed venue.

Continuous closed-circuit television (CCTV) is in operation across all Club premises, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, governed by Workplace Surveillance Act and Regulations.


Venues within the Orange Ex-Services’ Club Group (herein referred to as “Orange Ex-Services’ Club”, “The Club” or “OESC”) are subject to provisions of the Privacy Act and any subsequent Regulations or Guidelines.


OESC is committed to the privacy and protection of member, visitor, and staff information.


To view our complete Privacy Policy or refer to our ‘Frequently Asked Question’ documents for members and visitors, please visit our website:


Orange Ex-Services’ Club management and employees are committed to the prevention of infectious disease, in particular, “COVID-19”. Various control programs and management systems are in place to help control and prevent infectious spread. These programs and systems are in line with the Australian Department of Health regulations, recommendations, and directives.


Our commitment is to provide an environment in which our members, visitors, and employees feel safe and protected. Cleaning and sanitation standards & procedures, customer service distancing control measures, screening systems, customer sanitation services, employee education programs, heightened food safety control, and a designated compliance team form part of management considerations of the club in protecting our environment for the benefit of members, visitors and employees.



As a member of Orange Ex-Services’ Club, you will enjoy the benefit of being part of our five-tiered member loyalty program which includes entry to member’s promotions, member’s discounts, loyalty benefits, and point accrual. Information leaflets are available from each venue.

A full copy of the loyalty program terms and conditions can be obtained via Club Reception upon request.


Note that loyalty point balances for 3 and 4 STAR members are zeroed at end of trade on the 31st day of December each year unless otherwise communicated.


If at any point you do not wish to be part of this program, kindly forward your request in writing or via email, addressed to the CEO so we can immediately deactivate your account.


Membership cards are encoded with a generic PIN number. You are urged to personalise your PIN number through the loyalty kiosk(s). Reception staff are happy to assist you upon request. The security of points on your card is your responsibility. The Club accepts no responsibility for points redeemed illegitimately from membership cards.


We welcome the opportunity to hear all feedback and to correct problems and concerns of patrons. Management are always available to listen to your praise, suggestions or grievances.


Venue Duty Managers are the primary contact points for positive feedback, complaints, disputes and recommendations, being equipped to handle a multitude of scenarios on the spot. Alternatively, a Member Suggestion box is conveniently located within each venue for your use.


In the event a complaint cannot be handled satisfactorily by a Duty Manager at an Operational Management level it will be forwarded to the Operations Manager who will respond as soon as practical if contact details have been provided.


In the event a Manager has not resolved the matter to your satisfaction then you may wish to put your feelings in writing to the CEO.

We will make our best efforts to let you know decision reasoning and/or results by phone or in-person (and followed up by writing if requested), within 30 days.


The Gaming Machines Act and subsequent Regulation(s) aim to ensure licensed venues adopt responsible practices for gambling activities.

OESC is committed to the principle of Responsible Conduct of Gaming, governed by internal policy. Gambling help information and contact cards are readily available for anyone, at any time, throughout gaming areas, in addition to our staff who are able to provide initial assistance and direction towards available gambling help services. Gambling help information packs can be provided upon request also, providing options to individuals and third parties.


A gaming self-exclusion scheme is active at all OESC venues, whereby an individual is able to, at their own request, enter into a legal deed to prevent them entering or remaining in any area of a licensed venue.


At a minimum, the restricted area must be the poker machines area(s), for a minimum term of six (6) months. Exclusion from multiple licensed venues in the local area can be included in the one deed.


In the event a self-excluded individual is identified to be in breach of their deed in a venue, staff are entitled to use no more force than is reasonable in the circumstances to:

i) Prevent a participant from entering the nominated area of the venue, and

ii) Remove a participant from the nominated area.

Keno and TAB wagering may also be included in the gaming self-exclusion program.


A typical self-exclusion process takes up to thirty (30) minutes and can be executed by an OESC Duty Manager or by a gambling counselling service offsite.


For a private and confidential appointment to obtain more information on our self-exclusion programs, please contact the OESC Duty Manager on 02 6362 2666, or request to speak with the Duty Manager when on-premise. Further details can be found at: