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Orange Ex-Services’ Club, herein referred to as “OESC”, and inclusive of all OESC licensed group venues, acknowledges the responsibility and privilege of holding a license to operate gaming machines and other forms of gambling within the state of New South Wales. 

Our organisation encourages the responsible use of gambling facilities within each venue and abides by the Club Gaming Code of Practice (Code). 

This Board endorsed policy sets the organisation's commitment to the provision of a framework to endorse and fulfil legislative requirements and principles of the responsible conduct of gaming, including resource commitment for continued evolving in-line with Government and Industry best practice solutions. 

Through adoption of this policy the OESC Board will: 

  • Ensure the provision and use of gambling products occur in a safe and enjoyable manner. 

  • Prioritise customer welfare and sustainable gambling activities. 

  • Promote timely provision of resources for those who need or request information or help in a discreet and professional manner, thus enabling these individuals to make timely and informed decisions about their gambling practices. 

  • Adopt responsible gambling and harm minimisation measures in accordance with the Code. 

  • Promote the social and economic benefits of responsible gambling and the gaming industry. 


A full copy of the OESC Responsible Gambling policy is posted for viewing on the main noticeboard at each OESC licensed venue.

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