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Conveniently located at Orange Ex-Services’ Club our Pool and Leisure Centre is open 7 days.  The Centre features a 25 metre indoor swimming pool, and the temperature is maintained at approximately 28.5 degrees Celsius all year round.

The comfortable change rooms are equipped with showers, as well as men’s and ladies private saunas.  Change room facilities for families and disabled persons are also available.  The Centre also includes a modern exercise room equipped with the latest exercise equipment to work the four major areas of the body.  Equipment includes:

Programmable exercise bikes

Stepper machine

Leg, shoulder & chest press

Gym balls and free weights

Season passes are available for purchase from Club Administration.  Please contact the Club for more information.

Learn to Swim School

Orange Ex-Services’ Club operates an AUSTSWIM accredited school at our Pool and Leisure Centre.  The swimming program is run in conjunction with the NSW school term with all our instructors being AUSTSWIM accredited teachers.

Water Confidence

Designed to build confidence in the water, children as young as 6 months will learn to kick, submerge and blow bubbles in the water.  Water confidence classes are suitable for children 6 months to 4 years.

Level 1

Intended to improve water safety and moving through the water including how to enter and exit water correctly.  Students learn basic arm, leg and breathing actions for movement both on the back and the front while in the water.  As part of Level 1 water safety, children will also learn basic safety and rescue skills such as sculling, treading water, floating on back and rolling onto front.

Level 2

During Level 2, students will start to develop movement into swimming strokes with an emphasis on freestyle and backstroke with the different leg kicks to suit the stroke.  Students will be able to move through the water for 5 metres freestyle and backstroke unaided, as well as treading water.

Level 3

Concentrating on development of breathing, students will become more streamlined and on top of the water.  They will continue to improve on their survival and rescue skills, and learn to pick up objects from the bottom of the pool.  They will be taught to dive from a kneeling position.  Students should be able to move through the water – torpedo (streamline body position) for five metres on front and back, and have the ability to swim 10 metres freestyle and backstroke.

Level 4

The students are still developing and forming good habits for swimming in general, i.e. head position, breathing and kicking.  Bilateral breathing is introduced at this level along with breaststroke and butterfly kick.  Students should be able to swim 10 metres freestyle and backstroke.  Children will learn how to do somersaults as well as practising them at the wall.

Levels 5 & 6   Final stages in our Learn to Swim program before Stroke Correction program.

Level 5

At this level, students should be able to swim all four stokes with proper techniques for approximately 10 to 15 metres.

Level 6

Students are now able to swim 25 metres freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke with proper body and head position, and appropriate leg action.  They should be able to move 15 metres using butterfly kick and be able to do freestyle tumble-turns.  Sculling on back and sidestroke should be perfected.  They will learn to standing dive (Deep end of the pool only).

Levels 7 & 8   Stroke correction

All strokes perfected and students should now be able to swim 50 metres in all strokes.  Students should also be able to dive and do turns in all strokes.


Pool and Leisure Centre Terms and Conditions

Access to the Centre is open to members of the Orange Ex-Services’ Club, Templers Mill Motel Guests and visitors.

Persons under the age of 18 years are not permitted to use the Sauna and Exercise Room and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Persons enter the Exercise room knowing that there is no professional Gym Instructor on duty and that the equipment is used at their own risk.

Centre Operating Hours:

Members are advised to check the pool, sauna and exercise room timetable for availability.


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